And looking at these,at this time,Cao Di still didn’t forget to say:“in fact,These are secondary。”
“In my heart now,Still very worried about a person。”
When Cao Di said these words,Those around,But a little curious。
These ones,what exactly is it?
Could it be that,What is Cao Di still worried about??
Like this,To make those around you,They all looked in front of them。
obviously,In fact, in their hearts,Not particularly clear。
slowly,In front of these people,They all looked over here。
For these,Cao Di said directly。
“in fact,I am very worried,Wang Teng’s sudden appearance。”
When Cao Di’s words are finished,The people around are somewhat surprised。
But think about it,In fact, in their hearts,I’m also worried about such things。
But from the current situation,How to solve these。
I won’t consider other issues for now,But then,In fact, there is still a very urgent need for some means。
And look at these,Put it here,Cao Di’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
“All right,Actually now,I won’t think about other things for now。”