Hot springs should be chosen for temperature and composition

With the cold air attacking one after another, regardless of whether the “Millennium Extreme Cold” is a cloud, but the wind is chilling, sitting down and feeling cold hands and feet, but it is really true.

In this cold weather, a beautiful hot spring is a real enjoyment, and naturally it has become one of the most popular pastimes in the winter.

However, hot springs are also very particular about it. Although hot springs can cure diseases, they must be treated according to their own conditions.

  Pain hot springs, beauty soaked micro hot springs It is understood that hot springs according to their temperature, mainly cold springs (water temperature below 25 ° C), micro hot springs (water temperature is 26 ° C -33 ° C), hot springs (also called hot springs, water temperature inFrom 34 ° C to 37 ° C), hot springs (water temperature between 38 ° C and 42 ° C), high heat springs (water temperature 43 ° C -99 ° C) and boiling springs (100 ° C or more) six kinds.

According to the composition, there are mainly three categories: sulfur spring, metasilicate spring and hot spring.

It is said that Tang Anping, general manager of Didu Hot Springs, said that the temperature of different components of different temperatures has different effects. The public should soak according to their own needs in order to make the effect.

  Many people in hot springs are not only recreational, but also to assist in treatment or beauty, so the body of the bubble may have more or less sub-health problems.

If it is rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, neuralgia and other painful patients, it is appropriate to choose a hot spring with higher temperature to better promote blood circulation and relieve pain; if it has cardiovascular disease, if the temperature of spring water is too high,It will increase the burden on the blood supply system. It is advisable to choose a hot spring that is close to body temperature. If it is to eliminate fatigue, relieve skin pressure, and beauty, it is best to choose a micro-hot spring, mild water temperature, which can give the skin the best moisture.

  Skin disease bubble sulfur spring, beauty bubble hot spring bubble temperature in addition to see the water temperature, but also look at the ingredients, Tang Anping pointed out.

Natural hot springs are rich in minerals. According to their composition, sulfur springs have a bactericidal effect. If it is used to help treat skin diseases, you can use medium hot springs. If you have rheumatism and other pains, you can have hot springs or hot springs.

In addition, there is a metasilicate spring, which contains a relatively small amount of sulfur, so the taste is also relatively light.

This kind of hot spring is from lukewarm to high fever. Patients with cardiovascular disease can be treated with hot springs. The patients with pain can soak high temperature hot springs.

The hot spring is a controversial hot spring. Because it is a resonance material, it has a cosmetic effect on the human body. If the concentration is too high, it will produce impurities.

  Chronic disease patients “bubbles” Since the hot spring can help treatment, many people can’t wait to jump down, slow!

Patients with chronic diseases should not care about it, because the hot springs are hot, and the temperature in winter is low, and the temperature difference of penetration is very easy to attract “old friends”; each time, in the case of high temperature, the blood circulation is accelerated and the heartbeat will be accelerated.As the blood pressure rises, the heart’s load also increases.

Therefore, people with a history of heart disease, epilepsy and mental illness, it is best not to soak in hot springs.

People with cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure are not suitable for long-term immersion. It is recommended to soak for 5-10 minutes, then rest for 10-20 minutes in the pool until the body feels comfortable and then soak in the pool. The total should not exceed 1 hour.

For those with other chronic diseases, the time of each spring should be controlled within 10-20 minutes. If there is any shortage in the middle, they should immediately go to the pool to rest, and the total is more than 1 hour.

  When the skin is damaged, do not say that the hot spring can cure the skin disease, but not all skin diseases can make hot springs.

If the skin has allergies or other non-invasive skin diseases, it can be properly soaked, but if the skin has been damaged, ulcers and other wounds, you can not soak the hot springs.

Otherwise, the hot spring water will stimulate the wound cells and enlarge the wound area, making the situation more serious.

  Do and don’t do 1.

Don’t eat hot springs on an empty stomach, and don’t eat too much.

Because hot springs can promote blood circulation, equivalent to moderate-intensity exercise, physical exertion, fasting or excessive fatigue, may lead to hypoglycemia, syncope; and fullness can cause discomfort, so it is best to about 1 hour after mealsbubble.

Do not soak in hot springs after drinking.


Drink plenty of water in the middle, you can eat some fruits and snacks with high sugar content, add physical fitness, but should not eat too much.


Do not drive a long-distance car after soaking. The hot spring is equivalent to moderate-intensity exercise, and it causes a significant decline while the body is fully relaxed.


Do not soak hot springs before and after the menstrual period to avoid blood circulation and stimulating capillaries.

  Tip 1.

First of all, if you soak natural hot springs, just dry them with a dry towel after washing, you don’t have to take a bath, because the minerals in the spring can continue to nourish the skin; but if you are soaking high-concentration sulphur springs or alkaline springsIt is best to rinse with water, but do not use shower gel.


The hot springs should be gradual, the feet should first enter the pool, then splash the whole body, then slowly immerse the body in the water; gradually, from low temperature to high temperature, let the skin have a process of gradually adapting.


Amy’s lady can apply a mask while soaking, and the absorption effect is better.