2015 America’s Cup Opener Chile vs Ecuador starting: Vidal sits
At 7:30 in the morning on June 12, Beijing time, the opening game of the 2015 America’s Cup, Chile sat in the Santiago National Stadium against Ecuador, the two sides have announced this.In the 2015 America’s Cup Chile vs Ecuador Sanchez, Vidal and Valdivia were behind, Diaz and Aranjis were in the midfield, Bossejur and Isla flew together, Hara, Medel and MayBravo played 3 defenders and Bravo guarded the gate.In Ecuador, Enna Valencia and Bolanos have joined the strikers.(Kerlon) played in the first-level Chile (3421): goalkeeper: 1- Bravo guard: 18-Hala, 17-Medel, 2-Eginio Mena midfielder: 4-Isra, 21-Diaz, 20-Alangis, 21-Bosejur midfielder: 8-Bidal, 10-Valdivia forward: 7-Sanchez Ecuador (442): Goalkeeper: 1-Domingos guard:4-Paredes, 21-Acheril, 3-Irazo, 10-Walter Ayovi Midfielder: 9-Fidel Martinez, 6-Novoa, 14-RastPull, 7-Montero forward: 13-Enna Valencia, 8-Boranos