He Jing is right,Out of the city,The roads in this direction are all dirt roads,And it’s also bumpy,Extremely difficult,Fortunately, Fang Fang is an old driver,Although this BMW car bumps up and down,But the speed is not slow。
Over a hundred kilometers of road,If placed on the highway,This BMW car is running,Not even an hour,But on this way,BMW has no advantage at all。
Suddenly a motorcycle chased up from behind,Who is in the back seat,Patted the windows of a BMW car,Black baby sitting in the back row,Quickly opened the window,Who sees it,Hand up,Dropped a message in。
Fang Fang turned the steering wheel,When I want to move up,Just listen to the hum of the motorcycle,Raise a puff of dust,After a while, he disappeared into the night。
Fang Fang couldn’t help cursing:“I knew this bad way,It’s better to ride Mr. Xia’s Yamaha”
Heiwa did not say a word,By the light of the mobile phone,Opened the envelope,Pulled out a piece of letter paper,I saw it said:“Under the third pine tree at the gate of Xiyuan Ancient Temple,See you at two o’clock“
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“I went to his uncle,The time for us is so tight”Heiwa read the letter,Can’t help but scold。
Fang Fang stared at the front,Vigorously controlling the steering wheel,She asked coldly:“What time?where?”
“Gate of Xiyuan Ancient Temple,Under the third pine tree,See you at two o’clock,That’s what the letter says”Heiwa raised her voice very high,I’m afraid Fang Fang won’t hear。
Dragon Ball in the passenger seat,Took a breath and said:“Wait a moment,Go down alone,Leave two people in ambush in the car,When I saw President Xia coming out,We all,Beware of their fraud”
“Just do that!Sit firmly”Fang Fang said,Push your feet,The buzzer of a BMW,Gallop forward,Raise a white dragon。
at this time,On the hillside west of Xiyuan Temple,Where did Li Na and Bald Head stay?,Seven or eight men in weird suits followed,Everyone is holding the beating guy。