Xia Siyang is very happy,Take this,Do not slaughter。
“Ok,Then hurry up,Bank transfer or cash payment?”
Ye Xuan took out his phone,Talking to Xia Siyang。
“Cash bar,Bank transfer is also possible。”
Xia Siyang still doesn’t understand,He is very happy at this moment,Talking to Ye Xuan。
Where’s Ye Xuan,It’s very calm。
“Well,Bank transfer,Turn around quickly,One hundred thousand yuan,Can’t be less。”
what’s the situation?
Didn’t Ye Xuan give Xia Siyang the medical expenses??
How come to the end,Became like this?
“how,Don’t want to give it?”
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to give it,I am,The most reasonable,Otherwise I will……”
Ye Xuan said,Activity wrist。
Xia Siyang and others,Watching a numb scalp。
How come this?
“Don’t do it,Can I give it back??”
Xia Siyang is very sad,Finally, I transferred 100,000 yuan to Ye Xuan。
Seeing that the balance in the card becomes more than 100,000 yuan,Ye Xuan’s heart is finally relieved。