“Have Kiki??
How Kiki?
Is it injured??”
Blue Xin asked nervously,She always knows Gu An’an to kill her.,But it is really her hand under my grandmother.,She will not forgive her for a lifetime.。
She was abandoned by Jiang family,Seeing Gu An’an excluding himself,She stands at Gu An’an’s perspective,Can also understand her thoughts,Gu Jia actually adopted her.,Let her feel that it is her home.。
It is because,She has never returned。
I also want to let Gu An An understand,Everything she has now is her,It belongs to her.,Will not have any changes because she returns to Gujia。
but,after,She doesn’t seem to be like this.,She won’t escape from himself.。
Lu Haochong helped her to pinch the shoulder,Laugh:“no,I have passed in time,Kiki was only pushed by Gu An’an.,I have a little difficult to obey.。”
Laixin smiled helpless,“ This stupid,Be smart。”
Lu Haozheng nodded,That is his daughter。
“Kiki’s mother and child painted this time,Ink,Can be very good,This painting finally sold a hundred and 500,000,She is very happy,It also proves your value,I let the scenery give her a card.,This is the money she earned by her own money.,Let her spend oneself,She listened at the time.,Be happy,Said that I feel that I am in an instant, I will become a small rich woman.。”
“Now we have moved to the Penghu Villa,Give her a studio separately,My sister and Rayling have also went to the Penghu Villa.,My sister is pregnant with a twin,It is also born in a few months.。”
“Le Yu bought villas opposite us,Be with”Lu Haozheng happened to her sleep.,All said to her。
Blue Xin listened to a glimpse,I didn’t expect such a lot of things in her time.。
Ran Ran,Her little baby,Have more pain,I didn’t dare to face her.。
Blue Xin is sad,I can’t wait to see them three people.。
Blue Xin voice line:“That Mu Ziqi and Hey?”
Lu Haocheng is a helpless shoud:“The two people still look。
Mu Zizi is still hiding in secret protection of music,Le Yu is also understandable,It’s more than before.,The days are not bad,Busy everyday,Will come over with you on weekends。”
NS976chapter:Be sure to protect yourself in the future
Blue Xin listen this,Be extremely depressed,“Mu Zi ounces in stubborn in my imagination?,So love him so much,He actually does not move the hurt.。
As a new girlfriend,I know very well.,She gave up,I will really give up,Mu Ziyi regretted that it has not been too late.。”
Lan Xin looks back at him,“Ah Cheng,You and Mu Zihao are friends who know from small,Can you persuade him?!If you really decide to give up,Mu Zihao really has no chance.。”
妍妍 妍 男 的 男光,Still the first time so good?
Previously known than a slag!Lu Haocheng suddenly held her with her hands.,Head buried in her shoulders。
Kiss it on her pale face,The body and mind have been greatly satisfied,This is finally hugging her.。
“Blue,I have said that I have said to Muzi.,His person is too pursuit of perfection,Le Yu is also the favorite woman in this life.,Know him so long,I have never seen which woman is so angry.。
So he also wants a full love for women.,Full home,He feels that he has a defect,There is no way to give your beloved a perfect ending and happiness,This is the reason why he escaping 。”
“what” Blue Xin is a bit speechless,“Can’t be together is unfortunate,Can’t be together is not perfect,Can’t be together, there is no happiness。
They will leave this most regret in each other.。”
Lu Hao nodded,“we all know,Aunt also knows,Hey also knows,But their parties can’t open,We have no way。”
Blue Xin suddenly asked:“Lu Hao Cheng,If you have the same situation like Muzi,How would you choose??”