Massage, exercise for the eyes

This method not only relieves the eyes, but also promotes blood circulation and reduces fine lines and edema of the eyes.


Promote blood circulation Place the fingertips of the ring finger on the temple and gently insert the force five times.

Then close your eyes, place the fingertips of the ring finger and middle finger on the eyelids of the upper eye, gently block the eye to the end of the eye from the position of the eye, and repeat the movement seven or eight times.


Reduce the fine lines and dilute the dark circles. Start with the end of the eye. Hold the fingertips around the eyes and gently hold them to the position of the eyes. Repeat the movement for seven to eight times.

Then close your eyes, use the fingertips of the ring finger, circle around the eyes, and start the light massage by the eye (one press and one release, one press and one release), repeat the action to make seven to eightTimes.

Eye care for weekdays (1) Daily eye makeup must be thoroughly cleaned, then massaged for 5 or 6 minutes for your own eyes, and finally eye care products or eye masks.

  (2) Do not drink a lot of boiling water for two hours before sleep, otherwise there will be swelling of both eyes.

  (3) Adequate sleep is the best way to protect your eyes. Plus regular eye massage to promote blood circulation can make your eyes more comfortable.