Northbound funds may exceed 53 billion rare earth permanent magnet stocks in May

The total amount of northbound funds in May exceeded US $ 53 billion, and rare earth permanent magnet stocks continued to be purchased by the main force in May to replace 536 in total.

7.3 billion, a record high.

  On the 31st, the A shares narrowed, and the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.

24%, closed at 2898.

70 points; SZSE Component Index fell 0.

23%, closed at 8922.

69. The GEM Index fell 0.

11%, closed at 1483.

66 points.

In May, the Shanghai stock index fell by 5.


  A total of 4373 was traded in the two cities today.

4 billion, the lowest turnover this week.

  A total of 128 main funds were reopened.

79 trillion US dollars, the excess was 152 less than yesterday.

9.6 billion yuan.

One oversized single or 22.

38 trillion, large and medium orders replaced 106.

4.1 billion and 8.

1.4 billion; small orders reversed into 136.

9.3 billion yuan.

  On the board, the second-time stock market is hot, and Rifeng shares four blue boards.

Policy forces promoted the growth and development of wind power photovoltaics, and related sectors rose sharply.

The oil and gas industry performed well, and the rare earth permanent magnet plate continued to explode, and Jinli permanent magnet 10 plates for 12 days.

  A total of 12 industries in the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries became popular, of which the three major industries of electrical equipment, defense industry and leisure services rose the most, rising by 0.

97%, 0.

92% and 0.

55%; the steel, food and beverage, and chemical industries saw wide declines, falling by 1.

11%, 1.

07% and 0.


  In terms of capital flow, the three major industries of non-ferrous metals, communications and defense and military industry are most favored by the main forces, which flowed into 4 respectively.

6.2 billion, 3.

07 billion and 2.

74ppm; chemical industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and non-bank finance were sold by the main force, repeated 20 respectively.

9.4 billion, 15.

6.5 billion and 15.

2.9 billion yuan.  Specific to the sub-sectors, communication transmission equipment, rare earth and photovoltaic equipment inflows accounted for the largest inflows, respectively.

4.9 billion yuan, 6.

1.8 billion and 4.

6 billion; liquor, securities, and seed production suffered major capital flight, which became 10.

8.6 billion, 10.

4.8 billion and 7.

6.2 billion.

  Today, there were 1,339 stocks with main capital inflows in the two cities, and 2,260 stocks that were sold by the main power. The market capital fever was 37.

20%; the stocks of the two cities closed up a total of 1,531, green stocks totaled 187.4 billion, the market made money effect of 44.


  Foreign flows are up, and today northbound funds are being replaced in small amounts.

4.9 billion US dollars, Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect respectively replaced 5.

0.8 billion and 0.

4.1 billion.

Northbound funds totaled 536 this month.

7.3 billion, a record high.

  The rare earth permanent magnet stock continued to heat up, and the third ring of Zhongke was at 3.

Under the strong raising of 7.9 billion US dollars of main funds, Shenghe Resources and Rare North also recorded an influx of main funds.

The telecommunications industry performed well today, with ZTE and Datang Telecom both pouring in2.

8.6 billion yuan and 2.

4.3 billion, of which Datang Telecom daily limit.

The wind energy sector is soaring, and Silver Star Energy is at 1.

4.2 billion main funds assisted in closing the daily limit.

四川逍遥网  Industrial marijuana, liquor, agricultural stock collective fire, Zhejiang Longsheng suffered 6.

The 7.1 billion main funds were sold, down by more than 5%; Wuliangye, Guizhou Maotai and Luzhou Laojiao were also affected.

8.3 billion, 3.

1.4 billion and 2.

07 billion main funds were sold off; Fengle Seed Industry suffered 4.

Tao Li, the main fund of 1.2 billion, fell by 8.