And Li Ming waved his hand,The black stele that is ninety-nine feet high is suspended in front of him。
The stele is very light,But it is a lofty coercion。
Similar to the text,Li Ming had only seen this text before in some treasures floating in the chaos,But the text itself contains mystery,A look at the strong above the gods,You can directly understand its meaning。
“gone~”Li Ming glanced at the ugly fairy,As the dream continues,The poisonous and ugly fairy has forgotten the greatest opportunity he has had in his life.。
that《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》And half door《Nine Solutions》,It’s even being replaced by Li Ming,Become a poisonous and ugly fairy,When wandering outside,By chance and coincidence in a cave。
Poisonous and ugly immortals are real。
He found a cave,Gain is true。
It’s true that he got a semi-supernatural power。
only,This semi-supernatural power was not obtained in that cave。
“but,Now this opportunity,It’s mine。”
Li Ming waved his hand,The black stone tablet enters the Jin Dan space in the body。
“The poisonous and ugly immortal’s black chaos monument is already in hand,Leave、Leave!”
“Remove this chaotic monument,There are several extremely precious opportunities in the entire Three Realms—A nine-fold chaos ban,I got it from Sanshou,When will it be thorough‘Memories’stand up,As for Beixiu’s world god’s moon under the lake,Wait until my deity steps into the deity。”