Because people who need loans are too much,Getting Cui brings some hands are busy。
The folk wind around Yucheng and Yucheng,It is completely different from Changan。The people here like to be lively,More preferred。Scattered,Big and fast,Is the style of doing things。
One side of the water and soil,Yucheng and the surrounding area are rich in the ancient times,Easy work, you can support yourself.,So this place is quite lazy!
People are lazy, I like it.,So starting from spring and autumn,Here is the place of people,Talents have a lot。
Like the Changan people, honestly cultivating fields?nonexistent!
Have interest-free loans can raise chicken duck to make money,At this time, you will not have a cup.,That is the brain broken.。
It can be said that Gao Baoyi’s people in the area of Yucheng,Really touching temper。
NS799chapter Tianbao nine years(over)
Cui brotherned the hair before,Worry:“Nowadays, Yucheng raises chicken and ducks,Can grow this past,Different supply,Did you lose money or a small farmer with a breeding scale?。
Let’s say that I feed chicken duck needs feed.,The rice bran of the farmer is finished.,Do you let those chicken ducks go to the mountains to eat insects??
The Dengji army can’t receive so many chicken duck meat.!”
Turi is very business-owned mind,And it is willing to spend time for a variety of details.,Understand the inside of them,have to say,She is really a very powerful woman.。
However, she doesn’t know what they will send locusts this year.,So I will feel that the chicken duck is more。Press Gao Bo Yi’s expected,I am not afraid that the number of these chicken duck is not enough.!
If you are not ready in advance,Waiting for locusts,You have come to raise chicken and ducks.。
“First,Stop no conditions without condition,Give a condition,Interest needs to pay with chicken duck。
the second,Organize some farmers,Collect the feces of chicken duck to Anyang,And in local compost。Specific how compost,After that, I will tell you the way.。The time of compost is exactly half a year.。
After the autumn harvest,Fertilizer is also,Just sprinkle,Stump fertility,Waiting for future seed。
certainly,These fertilizers we can’t finish,Can you sell it home at the time?,I believe they still have money.。”
Same thing,Earn two money,Is the way of business。
When the disaster is coming,The chicken duck in Gao Biyi hand,Can directly become money and cloth。Waiting for disaster,No matter the family and self-cultivar, the people are gone.,At that time they certainly pressed treasure to the harvest next year.。
Sell an organic fertilizer,Don’t be beautiful?
“This year has a disaster?”
Cui Bi has some uncertain asking。
This makes Gao Boyi are very horrified.,He asked in confused:“Fish praise tells you?”
Cui brotherly shakes his head:“Gao Gao is very tight,The main public let him not say something,Don’t say anyone,I don’t say it.。I just guess chicken ducks to eat locusts.,Just eliminate a big feed money,Therefore, the Lord is certainly knowing that there is a disaster this year.。”
She still has a word.,That is if there is no disaster this year.,At that time, those chicken ducks can eat Gao Baoyi.。
“This is not a secret soon.。”
Gao Baoyi said。
Soon spring blossoms,The eggs of the locusts are still appearing。Place in a human,If the government is organized,It can still be culled to the eggs.,How much will be a bit effect。
If this time is not good at this time,What will happen?,That can only be used to experience,Anyway, it is not good.。
Things are over,Gao Bo Yi just got up,Like what I think of,Tall back and look at Cui Te:“Boling Cui is interested in letting you return,Successful under Cuiji Shumen,I don’t know how you mean.。
Look at your personal will,I don’t have anything to say.。”
Everyone knows now, the princess of the Bohai Gong is a person who is not or not.,Really helm to develop bank,This is the name of this name.。
She is Burgu,After the father died, he did a doctor’s daughter.,Resigned。Now it is not Gao Baoyi to see her.,She still doesn’t know where to struggle?。
Cui Lizhong is a good way to Gao Bo Yi:“Cui is just looking at me to use value,I want me to pull it.,Can’t expect,It’s really playing a hand.。Daqi Development Bank is the base of His Majesty and the Lord,Another is Cui’s family can be dyed?”
Gao Bao nodded against the Cui Bi,Belt smile,I didn’t say a word.,Waiting for him,Cui brother felt that he was completely wet.。
“Dog head,come out,I have something to find you.。”
Cui Bi cold shouted a sentence。
“What is the command??”